Tariffs for the carriage of goods from Moscow to Krasnodar (RUB / kg) based on a cargo density of 200 kg.  1 cubic meter The cost is calculated based on the largest parameter of the cargo.

cargo weight< 200 kg200 – 499 kg500 – 999 kg1000 – 1499 kg1500 – 1999 kg> 2000 kg
ru/kg 14,70 14,30 13,80 13,50 13,10 12,80

Attention, all prices are indicated with VAT.

cargo volume< 1 m31 m3 – 2,49 m32,5 m3 – 4,99 m35 m3 – 7,49 m37,5 m3 – 9,99 m3> 10 m3
ru/ m3 3180 3000 2900 2840 2780 2700

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Additional services offered:

 – Preparation of cargo for transportation: 

– wooden packaging – negotiable cost 

– cargo sealing – cargo marking (free) 

– Loading and unloading operations at the warehouses of the Krasnodar

-Express company (free of charge) 

– Cargo insurance at the request of the client 

– Freight forwarding:
in Moscow and the Moscow region – from 1000 rubles.
across Krasnodar and Krasnodar Territory – from 800 rubles.

 Minimum cost: if the estimated cost of the service is less than 300 rubles, the amount of 300 rubles is billed for payment.

Oversized cargo: If the weight of one piece is equal to or exceeds the limit of 300kg, or one of the measurements is equal to or exceeds 3m, then the tariff increases by 15% 

To send the goods you need: Waybills, invoices, certificates and other accompanying documents for the goods.

Form of payment: For the convenience of our clients, we offer flexible payment terms.  You can pay for our services for the delivery of goods in cash or non-cash form of payment upon receipt of the goods.

Schedule for dispatching cargo from a warehouse in Moscow: Daily (except Saturday, Sunday).

Groupage cargo transportation on the route Krasnodar-Moscow For the transport company “Krasnodar-Express” cargo transportation Krasnodar – Moscow and in the opposite direction has been a priority activity for 10 years.  Carrying out daily delivery of groupage cargo by road along this route, we have carefully studied the all-season features of the roads.  The well-developed logistics schemes that have been repeatedly tested for efficiency and the well-coordinated work of specialists guarantee our partners fast, safe and convenient transportation of their goods for various purposes. The service offered by the company for the transportation of groupage cargo is most in demand and beneficial to the client, since it allows the use of freight transportation cheaply even for small consignments of goods.  Almost any assortment of products, including oversized sizes, in the quantity required by the customer is accepted for delivery.  The ability to pay only for the usable volume occupied in the cargo compartment of the car is the main advantage of this method of transporting goods from Krasnodar to Krasnodar. Packing and grouping of incoming goods by the company makes it possible to use road freight transportation cheaply, without additional costs for loading and unloading activities.  The professionalism of the warehouse workers and the experience of the loaders allow us to carry out the initial reception, subsequent weighing, measurement, packaging, consolidation into prefabricated lots promptly, accurately, competently.  The rules for combining goods of one purpose into a group are strictly observed.  The formation of groupage cargoes, which simultaneously include industrial, food, children’s and hazardous products, is absolutely excluded. Optimal loading of vehicles corresponding to their lifting characteristics is the key to saving the customer’s money for cargo transportation Krasnodar – Moscow.  Using both our own and hired vehicles, we select the most economical, fast and convenient equipment of different capacities for each specific case.  Maneuverable GAZelle vehicles or heavy-duty vehicles are used to pick up cargo on request within the city and region, intercity transportation is usually carried out by trucks with a carrying capacity of 20 tons. Delivery of goods grouped by direction implies a flexible, individual calculation system that reduces the cost of freight transportation Krasnodar due to the provision of a full range of services by the company: – acceptance, accumulation in the warehouse and consolidation (grouping) of goods; – preparation and execution of transport and forwarding documents; – carrying out packing and loading and unloading operations using modern lifting equipment; – implementation of continuous control over the transportation process; – insurance of the consignment at the request of the client. Krasnodar-Express guarantees high quality service to its customers.  The comprehensive service saves them from paying additional costs and problems associated with the coordination of all delivery issues.  Taking the obligation to carry out cargo transportation cheaply and quickly, specialists monitor the time and quality of each stage.  All information is provided in full, promptly and accurately for emerging questions about the assembly, registration and passage of cargo. Cooperation with our transport company has undeniable advantages: – fast delivery due to a streamlined transportation scheme, no delays in sending goods or downtime of vehicles; – low, in comparison with other transport companies, the cost of transportation Krasnodar – Moscow; – freight forwarding, which guarantees their complete safety and the solution of all problems arising along the way; – high professionalism of employees, providing prompt and high-quality customer service; – individual approach, flexible conditions and various methods of payment for services. According to the special requirements and wishes of the customer, our specialists are always ready to develop an individual scheme for the delivery of groupage cargo.  For a preliminary estimate of the cost of transportation, you can use the online calculator on the main page of the company’s website to make sure once again that Krasnodar-Express really carries out cargo transportation cheaply.